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How to Recognize a One-Sided Relationship and Restore the Balance

How to Recognize a One-Sided Relationship and Restore the Balance

People usually embark on romantic relationships in search of intimacy, companionship, and mutual support. Life’s challenges often become easier to manage when someone else helps shoulder the burden.

In a healthy relationship, you might turn to your partner for comfort and guidance when something comes up that you can’t handle alone.

Yet relationships can’t thrive without balance. If one partner regularly provides most of the financial or emotional support, you might have a one-sided, or unbalanced, relationship.

It’s disheartening to put effort into showing up for a partner who doesn’t seem to have a similar investment in the relationship. Beyond causing frustration, one-sided relationships can sour your affection and negatively affect your mental health.

Every relationship is unique, and partners might, from time to time, experience personal difficulties that affect their ability to contribute equally to the relationship – and that’s OK.

A persistent sense of insecurity

That’s pretty understandable. You prioritize the relationship and make a dedicated effort to communicate, spend quality time together, and help out when needed. If they fail to put in an equal effort, you might start to wonder if they really care about you at all.

Alternatively, they might show plenty of affection but seem disinterested in discussing future plans, like moving in together or planning next year’s vacation. This can leave you with the sense they prefer to keep one foot out the door.

Granted, some people are more demonstrative than others, but it’s generally not a great sign when you feel uncertain of their feelings. This insecurity can shake your faith in your partner and fuel anxiety and conflict.

Lack of communication

You freely talk curves connect about your frustration with your best friend after an argument or your joy and satisfaction after your boss singles out your work for praise. (more…)

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